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Waterfowl Hunting Testimonials:

"The accommodations are EXCELLENT".  Harold Becker,  Ham Lake MN  VIDEO

"The food is EXCELLENT".  Larry Autrey,  Yuma AZ  VIDEO

"I keep coming back is because of the hunting, food, accommodations and
most of all.......the people".  Bob Nesbitt,  Birmingham AL


  Dear Scott and Lynn,
Thanks for a wonderful hunting trip, everyone had a
great time. Looks like its getting
a little cold up there.  Will be in touch.  Your friend, Don Leech (Prescot, Arizona)

  Scott and Lynn,
Just had to say thank you one more time. The only way we can describe our time with
you is WOW!  It was all your brochures and website said it was and more. All of your
support staff were very courteous, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We were
made to feel right at home. We saw more, and made more contact with more birds
than any of us could ever imagined. That flock of 2000 ducks that decoyed to us the
last day was simply unheard of. And to be in the group that shot...and retrieved the
most ducks in the shortest amount of time! I believe, 75 ducks in 35 minutes was a new
record and a real bonus for all. We didn't have time to get our warm weather clothing
on before the hunt was over, and we started to pick up. Your respect for the land and
all of its inhabitants was totally appreciated, and it was commented on by all. I could go
on and on but a couple more comments have to be made,....the accommodations were
excellent and cleaned each day. The turning down of the beds was just too much. The
food, what can one say it was stick to your ribs down home fare. More than enough for
seconds and thirds if you wanted and simply delicious, thanks to Lynn and Lynn's mom.
With the greatest respect and admiration from the whole group.
Glenn A. McMurdo (Ontario, Canada)

  Scott and Lynn:
I wanted to once again thank both of you and your guides for what was likely our best
out of the country trip that our group has ever taken. Your hospitality, great food, good
conversation and the way you go about running your operation makes it all something
we very much enjoyed. I know
that we will be back and likely with a couple of others
wanting to join us. Again, thank you for everything. Richard Kean III (Baton Rouge, LA)

Here's a couple pictures of a goose that tried to land on top of us. I can't say thank you
enough, Tim and I had a wonderful time. Thank you again, see you next year.
David Graham (Lutz, Florida)

I just wanted to send a note again letting you both know how much we all enjoyed your
hospitality and the hunts. Brad and Mackie talked about it all the way home.  It just
couldn't be much better than what you had provided. I know it must be hard for you to
appreciate what a memorable event this was for us as you see it week in and week out.
But it was something none of us will ever forget. When we arrived home we were greeted
by 90 degree (F); not what we want with deer season set to open here in two weeks.
Hope the rest of your season goes as well as it did for us.
Take care. Harold (Buddy) Harrison (South Carolina)
  Feel free to put us on your reference list

Thanks for the great hunting trip! I forgot to ask for that duck stew recipe, do you have
it?  Thanks again, we had ALOT of fun.  Chad (Colorado)

  Scott and Lynn,
Thank you for a wonderful time. Everything about your operation is first class! This was
my third time traveling to Canada to hunt geese and ducks. I have to say this was the
best. Your staff made it very easy to accomplish the hunts. I look forward to more
wonderful times with Goose Haven Outfitters.  "Jodie" Cotten, JR (Louisiana)

  Scott, Lynn and gang,
Hi yall! Just wanted to send a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our week with
yall, aye! It was a pleasure spending time in the fields with all of you. It was like hunting
with friends for the most part and it was obvious you did your homework everyday to
keep us in the action. Being my first trip that far north and I was a little apprehensive.
But I have to admit, I crossed off everything on my "I would like this to happen" list.
That just doesn't happen very often on a hunting tip, so thanks! I even caught a
glimpse of the northern lights one evening, thanks to a knock on the door. On a few
hunts I could have just watched the show the birds put on and left with a smile.
Shooting limits daily and letting our own dogs enjoy the retrieves was just icing on the
cake. If Reno could talk, he would agree. Of course his old bones slept for 2 days after.
                             Everyone in the group enjoyed the week.
  Same goes for Lynn and home base. We felt right at home in the lodge and in your
kitchen :-) The food was great and plentiful. The company was familiar and I think I
gained 5lbs. Which is an accomplishment Lynn, considering how hard we worked.. j/k.
My favorite was the goose dinner because it was so good and I enjoyed eating what we
brought home each day. The lodge was clean, at least when we got there :-) It was
well stocked and comfortable. It provided a good atmosphere for relaxing between and
after the hunts. Tell Reed, the bear guy, that the guys that hunted bear also are still
ribbing each other about who's bear was the best! It just never ends. Bear hunting on
a goose and duck hunt....I think their crazy. But they sure enjoyed that part of it too!
I hope the rest of your year goes well. I brought plenty of good memories and stories
from your place that I'm sure I will share for sometime to come.
Thanks again and take care.  Earl (Texas)

Hey Scott and Lynn,
I was just showing some friends your web pics and it brought back great memories.
I want to thank you both for a wonderful time at Goose Haven. You and your staff
were great and provided us with memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks again!
Larry Zehe (Alaska)

I just wanted to thank you and Scott for a wonderful trip. The guides and chef were all
top notch. Everyone on our trip had a great time. I will see you next year. Thanks again.
Ray Marchant Jr. (Louisiana)

Scott and Lynn,
I just wanted to thank you again for the great time we had last week. The hunting was
fantastic along with the accommodations, food and hospitality. I know my dad enjoyed it
just as much. It was great to share those memorable hunts with him. Also, please tell your
guides thanks again. Without them the hunts would not have been the same. Thanks again
and I hope the rest of your season is successful as well as safe.

Todd Folse (Thibodaux, Louisiana)

Scott and Lynn,
Just want to thank you for a great hunt! Still can't believe we killed 76 ducks in 46 minutes.
Already looking forward to hunting with you again next year. Thanks again.
Stephen Hood (Tupelo, Mississippi)

Scott, Lynn, Lance, Andy, Brandon, Cody, Craig and Guy,
Thank you for hunting with us this past few days. This was my first trip to Saskatchewan
and it was very memorable. From start to finish your staff and accomodations exceeded our
needs. Your expectations for the hunt was higher than mine and that is the way it should be.
You strive for success and that is much appreciated by myself, my brother Chris and my friend
Dan. Our expectations were that you would work very diligently to provide us with the
opportunity to have great times afield. You ALL worked very hard to deliver that expectation
and you were successful in doing that. We found all those associated with Goose Haven to be
hard working and professional. Everyone was always helpful and coureous. Safety in the field
was apparent and reinforced.

Myself, my brother and Dan all work in the heavy industrial, petrochemical and construction
industries. We have seen accidents happen and live and breath safety. We appreciate your
diligence to safety afield. Keep up that aspect. "Guns on safe, guns up and open chambers".

Most of my appreciation is that each one of you felt like a friend, a hunting partner and some-
one I could enjoy all days in the field with. Limit days are easy to enjoy. Its when you enjoy
the tough days, because you all tried to make it happen that is really important. Its not just
about the number to us. Its about the hunt.

The food was always great and perfectly timed.
The accomodations were perfect.
You made the hunt and the entire experience very memorable.

God bless you all and I wish you safety in the final days of your season and great success in
your near future. I look forward to hunting with you again.
Cary Shineldecker (Ludington, Michigan)

Scott and Lynn,
I hunted with Kevin Blondiau's group in September. It was my first Canadian experience and it
met every expectation. While we did not limit every hunt, I was thrilled with the quality and
quantity of the hunts. Your guides were excellent, working very hard to set up properly and
calling effectively to bring the birds in. Most of our hunts were limit hunts - we had one bad duck
hunt. But the next afternoon we slammed the mallards over a water hole we moved to when the
birds were staying away. The goose hunts were all awesome, especially the last day with greaters
at 10-15 yards away. I had to wait several times to let them get further out before I would shoot.

I also enjoyed visiting with you, your family and staff. Everyone was as nice as could be and made
us feel right at home. Good food, good company and good hunting - what more could a person
ask for?

You guys do a "top notch" job and if ever I can make another Canada goose hunt it will be with
Goose Haven. Sincerely and best regards.
Irvin Sandy Dares (Harahan, Louisiana)

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