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Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting Guides & Waterfowl Outfitters


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The birds are abundant and the limits generous. We operate our waterfowl hunting 
season, September 1st thru the 3rd week of October.  At Goose Haven Outfitters
we provide 2 waterfowl hunts
a day (except for the last day). Canada goose hunting
or Snow Goose hunting in the morning and duck hunting or grouse hunting in the
afternoon.  The action is fast and furious.  You can expect a mixed bag of Canada
with a variety of ducks and geese.  The most common question we are
asked is, "When is the
best time for Saskatchewan goose and duck hunting"? The
honest answer is, "the waterfowl hunting is excellent all season long". It is more a
question of "what type" of ducks and geese are
in the area at a given time period.
We consistently shoot limits throughout the season.  Our waterfowl guides will see
almost every
species of duck and goose in North America. Clients often rave about
how many different species of ducks they havest in one afternoon of duck hunting.
Generally speaking, early in the season we see alot of Cackling, Lesser, and Greater
Canada geese, White Fronts (Specklebelly), Teal and Wigeon. Mid season we will see
more Snow, Ross and Blue Geese, more Greater Canada geese, Gadwalls, Pintail and
more Mallards.  Later in the season brings the Giant Canada goose....the flying 747's
weighing around 20lbs, Greater Canada geese, Mallards and some remaining Pintails.
Every year is a little different.  But our Canada duck hunting and goose hunting in
Saskatchewan is always AWESOME!

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We employ the best waterfowl spotters, duck guides and goose hunting guides. Our waterfowl
guides have over 75 years of combined waterfowl hunting experience. The waterfowl spotters
find, locate and monitor the movement of ducks and geese every morning and every evening.
They track and monitor feeding patterns and routes of travel.  They identify which roosts are
being used and where "exactly" the geese are in the field. We then coordinate the goose hunts
and duck hunts accordingly.  As professional Canada goose hunting outfitters we take you to
where the birds are! You can expect to be duck and goose hunting in a different location every
day. We provide our waterfowl hunting guides with a full arsenal of equipment for any goose,
duck or waterfowl hunting situation. The Canada duck hunting and goose hunting in our area
of Saskatchewan is superb. But it really depends on where you go and how you set up. Not all
waterfowl outfitters are created equal.  At Goose Haven Canada Waterfowl Outfitters we strive
to be the best. Every detail matters when waterfowl hunting. You can be assured you will be in
the right place with the right strategy and the right spread. Don't just take our word for it. Call
and talk to people that have experienced the waterfowl hunting at Goose Haven Outfitters. We
can provide references on request. Our reference list contains virtually every client. This is the
best Canada duck hunting and goose hunting in Saskatchewan delivered 5 feet from your blind.

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  The goose hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada is usually in fields.  Our goose hunting guides have
a wealth of experience in Saskatchewan goose hunting.  Your goose guides KNOW goose hunting.
They can adapt to any goose hunting situation.  The waterfowl spotters and goose guides maintain
close communication.  Careful planning is required for the next day of goose hunting.  The goose
guides will determine a strategy based on wind direction, terrain, where the geese were coming
from and where the geese actually were in the field.  The goose hunting guides will put you on the
"X".  We use layout blinds, outfitter series bail blinds, or natural willow blinds. The set up includes a
full array of goose hunting decoys and equipment.  We use full body bigfoots, magnum shells, flags,
motion decoys, silhouettes and flapper decoys .  Goose hunting in Canada over water is something
our clients often request.  We can usually accomodate goose hunting over water, but it depends on
the location.  An intermediate watering hole is fine, but we NEVER hunt geese on their roost.  Be
very cautious of waterfowl outfitters that goose hunt on a roost.  This is a red flag of inexperience.
The geese will usually leave the area and may not return the following year. Go goose hunting in a
field and the geese find a new field, go goose hunting on a roost and the geese find a new roost.
You will be goose hunting in a different location every day.  As one of the best waterfowl hunting
outfitters in Canada, we have the experience to achieve success and the professionalism to ensure
our clients hunt in comfort.

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 Canada duck hunting in Saskatchewan is dynamic.  Most of the waterfowl hunting in Canada is
similiar.  But in our area of Canada we seem to have a constant influx and outflux of ducks. We
are located at the northern most agricultural area of Saskatchewan.  As the ducks and geese head
south we are the first set of grain, oat and pea fields they encounter.  This provides fantastic duck
hunting since fresh birds are constantly arriving.  The waterfowl spotters and duck hunting guides
are the key to successful Canada duck hunting.  They must monitor, check and double check the
ducks in the area.  The duck guides have the expereince to take you duck hunting in a variety of
situations.  We equip our waterfowl guides for any condition.  You could be duck hunting on river
banks, slews, potholes or beaver bogs.  We have access to duck boats with mud buddy motors for
Saskatchewan duck hunting in the big water marshes.  Our duck guides will often coordinate duck
hunts in wheat or barley fields where swarms of mallards are attacking the grain.  At Goose Haven
Waterfowl Outfitters we don't take you duck hunting in a designated blind that gets hunted week in
week out, day in day out.  Our waterfowl spotters and duck guides find the best spots holding the
most birds and that's where you go duck hunting!!!  As with our Canada goose hunts, you can
expect to be duck hunting in a different location every day.  At Goose Haven Canada Outfitters in
Saskatchewan the waterfowl hunting opportunities seem endless.  We design and implement a
waterfowl hunting plan specifically for you.  We want you to be part of the process.  Tell us your
preference.  Is it Canvasbacks on big water tomorrow? Teal flying in afterburner down the slough?
Pintails and Wigeon dive bombing a marsh? Or swarms of Mallards covering a barely field?
Whatever your preference, we can tailor your Saskatchewan goose and duck hunting adventure.

              We have 2 well trained hunting Retrievers, but your dog is always welcome.
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  Typical Waterfowl Hunting Plan
  • Early morning light breakfast in lodge

  • AM goose hunting

  • Late morning brunch in dining room

  • PM duck hunting, grouse hunting or Sandhill Crane hunt

  • Evening home-cooked dinner in dining room

  • Plan next day's hunt.


Waterfowl limits (per person)

  • 8 Dark geese per day.  2 can be Specklebellys.  24 possession (3-day limit)

  • 20 Snow geese per day. Includes Blues and Ross.  60 possession (3-day limit)

  • 5 Sandhill Cranes per day.  10 possession (2-day limit)

  • 8 ducks per day of which 2 can be Pintails. 16 possession (2-day limit)

Other Limits

  • 10 Ruffed Grouse per day (20 possession)
  • 10 Spruce Grouse per day (20 possession)
  •  6 Sharp Tal Grouse per day (6 season limit)

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Our location for Canada waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan is unique.  The rich agricultural belt that runs
through the pothole region of the central flyway starts at Goose Haven Waterfowl Outfitters.  As waterfowl
migrate south from their far reaching breeding grounds to the north, this is the first fields they encounter.
The fields are full of peas, grains, oats and loaded with nutrition and carbohydrates.  The ducks and geese
are hungry and need fuel... and they pile in.  As this agricultural belt moves south it widens and the birds
begin to spread out.  The Saskatchewan goose hunting gets more spotty.  Goose Haven Canada Waterfowl
Outfitters is at a choke point where the birds converge after the first leg of their journey.  Our goose hunting
guides and duck hunting guides take full advantage of the situation.  Then, to make the waterfowl hunting
even more perfect, the lake and marsh is practically a stones throw away.  A roosting and watering place. 
Not just any lake....this lake is a weedy, mucky, shallow lake.  The ducks and geese love it.  There are
no boat ramps and no real public access....the waterfowl remain undisturbed.  This haven yields some of the
best Canada goose hunting, snow goose hunting and duck hunting in Saskatchewan and all of Canada.
the premier Saskatchewan goose hunting outfitters and duck hunting guides, we are fortunate to have such
an abundance of birds in such a perfect location.

The ultimate and premier waterfowl hunting, goose hunting and duck hunting outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Top notch guides.