What if my luggage gets lost?

It has happened but our experience with the airlines at both Saskatoon and Edmonton have been fantastic in locating your bags as soon as possible and sending a courier out right away to deliver your missing suitcase straight to our lodge’s front porch! We will try to assist you as much as we can on our end as we know lost luggage can be an upsetting situation. We can offer our lodge phone and computer to contact your airline, talk to the courier and give them directions to our lodge. We keep the phone with us near our bedside (yes, we have had luggage arrive at 2 a.m.), and can offer extra hunting gear, etc., until yours is delivered.

What if my flight was delayed or cancelled?

Re-confirm all your flights. The last few years have been hard for the airline industry and many airlines routinely change or cancel flights. Not all airlines or travel agencies will contact you if such changes are made. It is a very good idea to confirm your flight the night before your departure. This can usually be done online or by phone. We will do our best to be flexible on our end for delayed/changed flights and get you in the field as soon as possible.

How do I get to the lodge? (Airport transport)

Hunters fly into Saskatoon Airport (John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, YXE) or Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

You can rent a vehicle from any car rental agency at the airport and drive to camp. Remember when talking to these agencies, the currency will be in CAD. Budget has special deals for hunters.

Easy Rent Auto YXE Saskatoon – 1-639-471-4669

Budget Car Rental – 306.244.7925

ASK FOR THEIR OUTFITTER RATE and mention “SKOUTFIT” rate code and ask that your price be quoted with the 10% discount. 

Other hunters choose to drive their own vehicles.

Directions to the lodge:

Should I bring US cash? How much?

Bring enough cash to cover tips and souvenirs (U.S. cash is preferred for these transactions). The best way for you to get Canadian cash if you need it is to use your bank card at any automated teller in Canada. USD to CAD exchange rates change often. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Canada.

How difficult is it to cross the border?

How do I transport my gun or bow?

We have information on travel and transporting your gun, bow and ammo in our travel section of the website.
Handguns are illegal. Don’t bring them!

Note to muzzleloader hunters: You cannot fly with black powder. We can purchase for you here in Canada.

How can I find out more about travel?


Can I eat the meat?

If you are planning on bringing meat home with you, please let us know before you begin your hunt or as soon as you harvest your birds. Note that a collapsible cooler is a great way to take the meat back, we typically have them available for purchase at the lodge. Please check with your airline to get current baggage restrictions and hotel for freezer space. Whatever is not taken home is donated to our local community.

What about mounting birds & taxidermy?

Trophy care is included with your hunt package. You may choose to bring your bird home to your favorite taxidermist or you can leave it with us. We highly recommend Orion Taxidermy for taxidermy work and Rigel Logistics for transporting your bird back home to you.

What is included in my hunt?

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Hunting license
  • Migratory bird permit (Duck Stamp)
  • Trophy packaging/processing
  • Guides
  • Field transportation
  • All blinds and equipment

As a convenience to you, we can provide your ammunition, up to a case, for an additional $150. We supply high-performance 3-inch 12 gauge steel in 2s, 4s and BB.

What species of ducks and geese will I see?

Generally speaking, early in the season we see a lot of cackling, lesser, and greater Canada geese, whitefronts (specklebelly), teal and wigeon. Mid-season we will see more snow, Ross and blue geese, more greater Canada geese, gadwalls, pintails and mallards. Later in the season brings the giant Canada geese.

How do I get on the waitlist?

We give all returning clients first right to return the following year. Once we confirm a hunter does not intend to return and the spot is open, we will contact inquiries from our wait list in the order we received them. If you would like to get on the wait list, complete the contact form or email We do our best to try to accommodate everyone but we have a set number of openings.

If we are full and you would like to hunt right away, we would be happy to recommend you to another outfitter through Worldwide Trophy Adventures.

What is your repeat clientele rate?

Our waterfowl return rate has been close to 90 to 100% of clients re-booking from the previous year. We do give our returning clients first chance to re-book and save their spot/date. Even if the hunter does not return the following year for another hunt, they usually end up referring their family, friends and fellow hunters to us or we will see them again several years later. We continue to book and fill quickly. We are happy to get you on our wait list, just complete the contact form or email

How long is the season?

Waterfowl: September & October

Upland Bird: Mid-September – November

Fishing: All seasons (Open water & Ice fishing)

How much should I tip my guide?

The Truth About Tipping

Tipping is one of the least understood aspects of a guided hunt and can be the most awkward to discuss or ask about so we created some guidelines/tips to better understand the tipping process. Tips are an essential part of our guides and cooks compensation for all the hard work they do.

At Goose Haven, the camp minimum/average is 10 to 15% of your total hunt (per hunter).

10-15% = Good hunt
20% = Great hunt
25% + = Hunt of a lifetime

Tips can be paid in cash, check or credit card to the office (Emily or Lance) so we can ensure the chef and your guide get tipped appropriately/proportionately.

As owners, we do not take any tips from this amount (for cabin cleaning and other of our daily duties, unless Lance is your direct guide), as we know our employees work hard for their tips and want to reward them to the fullest extent.

Please feel free to tip your guide and chef personally above the 10 to 15% minimum given to the office, if you feel they did an outstanding job. If you had the hunt of your lifetime; limiting out on a waterfowl hunt, etc. please tip accordingly.

Tips should be forthcoming no matter the number of waterfowl taken, provided the guide did his/her best to get you in the best position. It isn’t the guide’s fault if it is a slow hunting week.

If you tip lower than is customary, we take it to mean you are unhappy with your experience and do not plan to re-book with us.


Adapted from Peterson’s Hunting, April 2004

What are your blinds like?

We use a variety of lay-out blinds, bale blinds and A-frames. We try to accommodate every hunter and their physical capabilities as well as keeping comfort in mind.

What should I pack?


Can I bring my dog?

We are a pet-friendly lodge. You may even see our chocolate lab bird dog and visit with Goose Haven staff/family member Keeley Robinson. If you are thinking of bringing your dog, please contact us beforehand and we would be happy to accommodate you the best we can.

Is alcohol allowed at the lodge?

We do not provide alcohol for guests but they are welcome to visit the local liquor store in town and bring beverages back with them. We suggest hunters keep their alcohol in their room as if it is left in the lodge at the bar area, other hunters may think it is “free game” and was intended to share.

Will my cell phone work there?

We have cell coverage at the lodge and it is hit-or-miss at some of our hunting areas. Check with your cell provider about international (U.S. & Canada) plans. In the event you need to make a call and you do not have cell service, we have a lodge phone you may use.

What if I have a food allergy?

In the contract in your hunt package, we will ask you to describe all special needs for the hunt (including dietary restriction, medications, etc.). Please remind us before you come (especially directly to Chef Craig or Chef Lori) if you have any allergies, dietary restrictions or prefer certain things “on the side”. We will do our best to accommodate you.