The nearest town is about 15 minutes away and has a population of approximately 5,000 people. It features sporting goods stores, a liquor store, grocery stores, fitness center, hardware stores, hotels, bars, restaurants, a bowling alley, movie theater, doctors, dentists, hospital and pharmacies. The people are friendly and the atmosphere relaxed and laid back.


The most convenient airports are Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is three and a half hours from Goose Haven Outfitters, and Edmonton, Alberta, which is about four and a half hours away.
Airfare, rental vehicles and hotel accommodations in Saskatoon or Edmonton are not included in your hunt package.

All visitors to Canada must have a valid passport. Have your passport readily available when you get to the airport and we recommend you not attempt to bring into Canada more alcohol or tobacco products than allowed or you may have to pay duty fees. If you have a criminal record, even a DUI, you may be refused entry. If you have such a record, we recommend you contact Canada border crossing services (click below) so they can assess your admissibility into Canada prior to booking your trip.

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Download directions to the lodge here

Border Crossing Services

Guns & Ammunition

A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form, which costs $25 CAD, is required to bring firearms into Canada. We recommend you complete the form ahead of time to save time upon arrival. But DO NOT sign the form prior to arrival.

Upon arrival:

  • Declare firearms in writing to a customs officer at the point of entry to Canada using the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form (Form RCMP 5589).
  • If you have more than three firearms, a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet (Form RCMP 5590) should be added.
  • To save time, the declaration form should be filled out prior to arrival at the point of entry. However, it should not be signed before arriving at the entry point because a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) customs officer must witness the signature.
  • Once the declaration has been confirmed by the CBSA customs officer, it acts as a license and is valid for 60 days. The declaration can be renewed for free, providing it is renewed prior to expiration, by contacting the RCMP Chief Firearms Officer of Saskatchewan.

Pre-processing for non-resident hunters: CBSA pre-processing for non-resident hunters who wish to process their firearm prior to entering Canada is available only if the hunter is coming into Canada through Saskatoon – in other words, direct from the United States, landing in Saskatoon.
Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form (PDF)

Fax cover sheet: Fax Cover Sheet (PDF)

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Canada Border Services Agency office in Saskatoon at 306-975-4755.

Ammunition: If you plan to supply your own ammunition for hunting in Saskatchewan please note there is a limit to the amount of ammunition you can bring across the border. Saskatchewan Customs can provide you with specifics. 

Air Travel/Security: Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) wants to make sure hunters know the rules at pre-board screening to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport security checkpoint. 

Firearms Safety: Firearms Safety (PDF)

Canada Gun Laws